Misfits "Friday the 13th” EP BLACK VINYL


Misfits "Friday the 13th” EP BLACK VINYL

$ 19.98 USD was

“Friday the 13” is back in BLACK! 

Pressed on BLACK VINYL for the first time ever, and cut at 45 RPM for optimum sound quality, the EP features 4 horror-punk anthems for the new millennium written by founding fiend Jerry Only himself! 

An homage to 80’s era slashers, classic sci-fi, and everything in between. Features fiendish new ‘Nightmare’ induced Misfits art by horror and comic book illustrator Jeff Zornow (Godzilla, ’68 & more). BEWARE…”Friday the 13th” is here!

Track Listing:

Side 1

1.) Friday the 13th (4:49)
2.) Nightmare on Elm Street (2:53)

Side 2

3.) Laser Eye (2:23)
4.) Mad Monster Party (1:29)